The company

A family passion for wood

Located in Bernex, 13 km from Evian-les-Bains, "Les Chalets Dutruel Sarl" was established in 1950 by Mr. Marcel Dutruel and is still today a family business specialising in the construction of post and beam chalets, timber-framed houses, beamed chalets and more recently larger chalets with several apartments.

As designer and manufacturer, our company offers a complete service (keys in hand) chalets, houses and apartments).

The quality of construction, the commitment and the services offered have made the reputation of our company and the 700 constructions realised in the region are our best reference.

Building in Wood

Our constructions are mainly made of Spruce, Douglas, Larch or Red Cedar wood.

Perfectly respectful of the environment, wooden buildings that are traditional, contemporary or even modern styles, naturally fit into the environment and offer great qualities of comfort, aesthetics combined with excellent energy performance.

Building in wood is a commitment to a sustainable development by favouring the use of safe and renewable materials.



With 65 years of experience working with wood, combined with modern and efficient technical and technological means, our company offers a recognised expertise. Together with your own ideas, we will design the chalet or house of your dreams.

Once your expectations have been defined our draughtsmen will start to bring your project to life, draw the plans for the planning permission along with the 3D plans. You will then be able to do a virtual tour of your future chalet.

The chalet will then be prepared in our workshops equipped with very modern production machines (computer controlled) for the preparation of the timber frame and interior of your home.

Our craftsmen are highly skilled and work in compliance with the quality standards that we are committed to offer our clients.

For other works, close collaboration is established with reputable companies that have the same philosophy for work well done.

Our company provides the two-year and ten-year liability insurances for each contractor as well as all the guarantees required by the contract of construction of individual houses (CCMI).

In addition, our constructions respect the new thermal regulation RT 2012 applicable since 1st January, 2013 which sets the criteria for continuous increases in performance and continuous reductions in energy consumption.


Reconnu garant de l'environnement

Pour votre projet de rénovation énergétique, la qualité de réalisation des travaux est primordiale afin d'obtenir un résultat performant pour diminuer sur le long terme vos consommations énergétiques et vos dépenses.

La qualification « RGE » est le seul dispositif reconnu par l’État qui conditionne les aides qui pourront être attribuées aux personnes physiques ou morales effectuant des travaux en faisant appel à des professionnels « qualifiés RGE ».

L’éco-PTZ est éco-conditionné depuis le 1er janvier 2015 et le Crédit d’Impôt pour la Transition Energétique (CITE) depuis le 1er juillet 2015.

Parce que le développement durable s’impose dès aujourd’hui comme une préoccupation majeure pour l’avenir, nous nous engageons à travers la certification QUALIBAT à promouvoir l’environnement avec les nouvelles certifications « Energies renouvelables » et « Rénovation énergétique », ainsi que la mention « Efficacité énergétique ».

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